Crystal Healing

What’s it about?
Crystal Healing: One of the most underrated energy healing modalities of our time. A treatment is non-invasive and works on a very deep level, bringing transformation to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Distance Crystal Healing

What’s it about?
Remote/Distance Crystal Healing: A very powerful way to receive all the benefits of Crystal Healing when you do not have access to a Crystal Healer locally.

How do I receive it?
You sit/lie and meditate at the appointed time. You could even take a nap. Some clients continue with their daily activitys.

What kind of treatments are available?
1) General sessions are also known as offline sessions — you sit/lie and meidtate or nap, I send you feedback after the session along with any photos.
2) Focused sessions are performed online via Zoom. I pack the crystal conficurations and then guide you though a visualisation and on to digging deeper with the issue at hand. Before or after the session I send you images of the crystal configuration.

  • 60 min treatment: $111 (general)
  • 90 min treatment: $222 (general or focused)
  • 120 min treatment: $333 (general or focused)

Crystal Healing Course

What’s it all about?
Learn your own healing potential and understand the metaphysical properties of crystals, gemstones and minerals through this professional course in Crystal Healing.

How is the course structured?
The course is divided into three levels:

  • The Beginner to Intermediate Level introduces students to the world of crystals, gemstones and minerals. Students gain a working knowledge of 22 curriculum crystals, 7 Master Crystals, the Chakra System and practical techniques, methods and meditations. Read more...
  • The Intermediate to Advanced Level builds on the previous level. Students gain a working knowledge of a further 36 curriculum crystals, 26 Master Crystals, the Meridian System and practical techniques, methods and meditations. Read more...
  • The Advanced to Master Level is for students who want more metaphysical knowledge and experience. Students gain a working knowledge of a further 32 curriculum crystals, 7 Master Crystals and practical techniques, methods and meditations. A working knowledge is gained of Triangulation. Read more...

PLEASE NOTE: Initially the course was designed to be much longer with a great deal more hours (lesson times between 6 to 8 hours). Prospective students felt that the course was too long and too expensive. In an attempt to meet students half-way, the class times where changed to 3 hours each and the cost ammended appropriately. As a result some of the listed information may not be covered in the course. I endeavour to cover as much of the information as possible. One-on-one mentorship is another appaoch that can be taken as this allows for an open-ended way to learn and in your own time.

One-on-one Mentorship

What’s in it for me?
Learn how to enrich your life with crystals, gemstones and minerals through a one-on-one mentorship with Crystal Alchemy.
The programme does not follow any course curriculum and no manuals or certificates/diplomas are given. This is taught as a life-long passion by Markus van Der Westhuizen who has 30 years of experience in the field.

Crystal Cleansing, Clearing, Discharging, Deprogramming and Programming

What’s it about? Crystal Alchemy offers the service to cleanse, clear, discharge and even programme your crystals on your behalf. Many people own crystals, gemstones and minerals but often do not know how to cleanse, discharge and programme their collections. Also, they often do not know which stones can safely be placed in water or salt without causing damage to the stone.

How do I go about it? Make an appointment with Crystal Alchemy, drop your crystals, collect them a day or two later... what could be easier? Fees vary, depending on the size and quantity.

Crystal Alchemy Crystal Safe Haven

Crystal Alchemy presents its newest offering to the community; a Crystal Safe Haven. Here, crystals of all shapes and sizes — and in any condition, will be given a home — away from home.

Why a safe haven?

  • Crystal owners often want a safe place to keep their crystals where they will be cared for while they are travelling.
  • Crystal owners sometimes find they have too many crystals and pack their surplus stones away in a box in their home. Here, they are neglected and often just absorb the energy around them without being appreciated for their beauty.
  • At times crystal owners want to give their crystals away or even sell them, but do not know of anyone who would be interested, or how to reach those who would potentially be interested.
  • Would-be Crystal healers do not have the income available to expand their crystal collection in order to practice in the field of crystal healing, and therefore, would not pursue the calling.

What happens to my crystals at the safe haven?
All crystals received will be kept in love for any amount of time as decided by the owner. Crystal Alchemy will also take on the process of keeping the crystals energetically clean and clear, whilst at the same time, keeping track of all the crystals being housed.

Crystal Healer Students will have access to them to use as tools for crystal healing treatments, sharing their energy with clients in need of healing. If you decide to donate your crystals to Crystal Alchemy, we will distribute the crystals for free to Crystal Healing Students — and might also use them in treatments at Crystal Alchemy.

The Crystal Safe Haven will also provide a space where people can sell their unwanted crystals through the various streams of Bid or BuyeBay and the Crystal Alchemy website, as well as holistic fairs where Crystal Alchemy is featured. Crystals can also be put on display at Crystal Alchemy, where clients will be able to purchase the crystals you provide for sale.

Instead of having crystals gather dust and stale energy, they will be cared for, cleansed and used in crystal healing treatments for the benefit of clients. Crystals can be expensive, so by allowing them to be kept in the Crystal Safe Haven or by donating your unwanted crystals, you give access to stones that would otherwise not be used for healing. Stones are also enjoyed by people when they are put on display, instead of being packed away and hidden from the world.

Share what you have been blessed with by allowing your crystals to be used for the good of all – for healing purposes – at the Crystal Alchemy Crystal Haven.