AN, Cape Town, South Africa I have been using Crystal Alchemy's Abundance, Prosperity and Success Crystal Essence for about 1 month now. Immediately small little windfalls started to appear as well as bigger ones now. What I love is that doors of great opportunities are opening. I also have more clarity of mind in which decisions are best suited to my personal goals and needs — very helpful people pop up everywhere.

Two days ago, for my birthday, I booked my first ever Crystal Healing session and whilst I don't think I was a complete goner at any stage I certainly had the most AMAZING experience. I could feel my body go into deep relaxation mode and the two hours passed in what felt like 20 minutes. It was a deeply relaxing experience and I even got to see how I passed away in my last lifetime, which was a liberating experience and that explained a lot of the what, why and how that is taking place in my current lifetime.

Immediately afterwards I perceived that my senses have sharpened radically. I noticed details I never have before. I heard EVERYTHING. I am so much more relaxed. A lot of the anxiety I used to feel daily simply evaporated almost like it was never there to start with. And I sleep deeply now, awaking completely refreshed. Lastly, my back ache and usually cramping stomach (discomforts I got almost used to as natural) simply vanished too. I'd highly recommend this treatment to anyone.

Markus works with absolute integrity and his goal is to help his clients and serve in THEIR greatest interest.
LB, Queensland, AustraliaI have been using the Self-Acceptance and Concentration and Focus blends from your crystal essence collection for a bit over a month.

I observed a clarity immediately after taking them at first in my thoughts around study.

The initial clarity has continued, however I wasn't sure what impact the essences were having ongoing, but have continued to take them.

I noticed about 2 weeks ago, I was getting spacey or falling asleep often whilst reading and writing (which I am required to do a lot of) and through reflection and some web surfing realized I'm ungrounded. I felt drawn back to your web page and essences and on intuition placed an order for the Sacral Chakra essence.

In the past few days I have felt real clarity around the need for forgiveness with my parents and intention to embody my emotions as a path to more joy and passion in my life. I'm now reading through the intention of the Sacral Chakra Essence and feel gratitude and awe that the combination of the essences I've been taking seemed to have called areas for healing to my awareness, and now here I have the next step in support in a new essence.

Thank you for your heart and faith in the power of our mineral kingdom. It is a blessing that you follow your passion and through this, help me to ignite mine.
CW, Cape Town, South AfricaYour drops are amazing! I am still taking the one called Rescue and Recovery and I’m sure its lifting my depression and anxiety... I think I’ll soon need another bottle... I admit that I was a bit doubtful at first about these drops, but now I’m really hooked!!!
SB, Torino, Italy... I find I got more insights talking for an hour to you than many other healers who are more involved in physical processes. got skills and insight and empathy.
MR, Cape Town, South AfricaI had recently been diagnosed with soft bipolar disorder, a mental illness that throws ones whole life and thought processes off balance, never knowing when the next fit of fight or flight may reappear. I was at a point in my life where I couldn't distinguish the true person inside versus the outer world in which I was living. It was thanks to Markus and the Crystal Healing that all of my thoughts and feelings were put into perspective. I learned the profound meaning of loving oneself as well as others and I have finally found the confidence to move forward in life with a brand new and clearer view of my brand new Self! I can now wake up in the morning feeling more excited than scared, much happier and a lot less stressed, fulfilled and a lot less isolated and mostly, at peace with a lot of things. I am free!
MS, Cape Town, South AfricaI came to Markus in January 2012 for the first time, not knowing what to expect at all and hoping my boss's gift of a Crystal Healing Session would be everything she promised it would. I've always been a spiritual person, but have never paid all that much attention to it, and have to say I mostly avoided that side of myself. I have also never been for healing in any form and was very sceptical in the beginning, that crystals could facilitate change on any kind of level.

Well, my very first session changed my life as I knew it. Markus comes across as a gentle and unassuming human being but he has a true gift of being able to channel energies that can literally turn you upside down and inside out. I didn't even know what I needed healing for, but boy, did that change! After my first session, my 10 year 20 a day nicotine habit fell away, as if by magic. I put down my cigarettes and never looked back. Not to say that it wasn't a struggle but without this healing, I would never have even considered giving up. I have now gone for 4 sessions in total and I can say with confidence that I am truly changed for the better. Addictive habits, neediness and fear have all started exiting my life, sometimes quite suddenly and sometimes very painfully. However, without this healing I would never have started on this incredible spiritual and self exploratory journey which fulfills and excites me far more than the lifestyle I led previously.

I'm incredibly grateful to Markus for facilitating this deep healing for me, and would recommend a session in a heartbeat for anyone, whether you think you need it or not. I take the essences every day to help me carry the lessons I have learnt and to further heal hurts that I learnt I had repressed. I would ideally like to learn the healing arts myself one day so I can help people the way that I have been helped by Crystal Healing.
EC, London, UKThank you sooooo much for such an incredible session... Wow I feel so different!! Looking forward to another one in November and a couple of sessions when I'm in Cape Town!
JM, Cape Town, South AfricaWe don't leave our house without having had a few drops of the Auric Protection Crystal Essence. It makes us cope with all the energies, especially in Shopping Malls. For me personally it slows down my heart beat and thereby reduces stress levels — a bit like meditating whilst interacting with people...

I have also been using the Astral Travel, Dreams and Akashic Records Crystal Essence, on a regular basis, just before going to sleep. After 3 weeks my dreams are becoming clearer and I can remember the essence of my dreams upon waking.
NSL, London, UKThank you so much for such a powerful session yesterday... I felt unburdened and light afterwards. Must tell you I had a terrible night. I tossed and turned and felt huge deep waves of energy passing through me... I figured it was just processing all the deep energy work we had done and just went with it. Feeling much more grounded today. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
CYW, Cape Town, South AfricaI use Crystal Alchemy Crystal Essences for Meditation and to access the Akashic Records. I find the energy of these Essences to be of a very high vibration, excellent for working in the higher realms. There are also Essences for Concentration, Weigh Loss and Relationships – all of which I have used and which continue to yield results. I thank Markus for bringing his unique signature to the planet – his kind of energy is so needed on earth right now. Thank you.
RK, San Francisco, USAYay my essences have arrived!!! Thank you so much. I feel so much better for taking them today...
Lindsay Botha, Cape Town, South AfricaMarkus is dedicated to healing and teaching – this I believe is what drives him. This is not a job, but a calling for him. Thank you Markus for a wonderful journey.
CC, Vancouver, CanadaThanks so much for all this I really appreciate it. I have been sleeping like a log since our distance healing session and no pain In my hip for the first time in ages!!! Once again thank you so much for all your continued help and support I am so blessed to have met you.
LLB, Cape Town, South AfricaI am so grateful to have the opportunity to meet and interact with Markus van der Westhuizen. I have had two Crystal Healing sessions with Markus and would recommend this form of healing modality highly. Markus' knowledge of crystals is so very impressive and the crystal healing sessions are very powerful and deeply relaxing. I recommend Markus highly.