Depression and Despair

It is with great sadness that we have to anounce that Crystal Alchemy no longer ship Essences outside of South Africa. The local laws have become so strict with regards to shipping of liquids and even homeopathic pillules. Parcels are simply returned and don't even leave South Africa. The only other way to get essences to our international clients is with a courier service, but unfortunately this is too expensive for most people. If you would like to try the courier route, contact us directly and we'll see what we can do.

This essence acts as an anti-depressant and lifts the darkest of moods, bringing emotional calmness while promoting self-love and dissolving feelings of unworthiness and self-doubt. It assists in looking for solutions rather than dwelling on problems and helps to see the bigger picture. In general it 'lightens the load' and helps one feel less overwhelmed by life's responsibilities.

The crystals used in this essence are:

  • Lepidolite — Provides an energy of enlightened awareness that keeps one in the Light, so that one can handle the situation in the highest and best way. Allows for willing descent into the grief beneath the depression and the understanding that most of the suffering was not in the grief, but in the resistance to feeling it.
  • Smoky Quartz — Teaches one how to leave behind anything that no longer serves one. Lifts fear and depression and brings emotional calmness. Alleviates suicidal tendencies and ambivalence about being in incarnation.
  • Botswana Agate — Assists in looking for solutions rather than dwelling on problems. Helps to see the bigger picture. Releases repression and aids in lifting depression.
  • Lapis Lazuli — Awakens the inner 'king' or 'queen' that lies buried in each of us. Aids in deep inner journey. Harmonizes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Overcomes depression and dissolves emotional bondage.
  • Rhodochrosite — Promotes self-love. Assists in doing necessary work of recovering, reliving and releasing the memories of one's emotional wounds. Repairs 'holes' or areas of disharmony in the auric field, especially the emotional body. Soothes the heart and comforts the soul.
  • Rutilated Quartz — Brings a joyful vibration into the energetic field. 'Lightens the load' and helps one feel less overwhelmed by life's responsibilities and burdens. Soothes dark moods and acts as an anti-depressant. Relieves fears, phobias and anxiety, releasing constrictions and countering self-hatred. Promotes forgiveness at all levels.
  • Amber — Warms the inner being and activates one's desire for wellness. Converts 'waste' energies to usable energy. Helpful in cases of Seasonal Affective Disorder or other depression based on light deprivation.
  • Turquoise — Beneficial to overall well-being and soundness of one's mood and emotions. Teaches happiness, Love and freedom from limitation and fear. Releases useless regrets while promoting self-forgiveness and self-acceptance.
  • Sugalite — Helps one overcome hopelessness, reminding one that one can achieve anything one can dream and lends on the strength and courage to manifest those dreams.
  • Kunzite — Opens wordless communication between one's mental and emotional aspects. Opens the heart to the energies of Love - self-love, inter-personal Love, Love for humanity, animals, plants, minerals - all that is. Gently releases the blocks one has set around the heart and allows one to move into a state of complete and joyful receptivity.
  • Sun Stone — Melts away the sense of unworthiness and self-doubt. Emanates a rich and positive spectrum of energies. Acts as an anti-depressant and lifts dark moods.
  • Emerald — Gives one the strength of character to overcome the misfortunes of life. Heals negative emotions. Enhances the ability to enjoy life to the fullest
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